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You can pay for your orders from our site by credit card.


If you choose the option of paying by credit card at the payment screen that you will come after completing the selection of the products you wish to purchase, you will be asked for your credit card details and this information will be securely transmitted to your bank and payment confirmation will be obtained. Payments made by credit card are accepted instantly and your order is confirmed. For the security of your credit card information, your credit card information is never recorded in our system, the information is directly encrypted to the relevant bank by SSL and the confirmation information is obtained from the bank. For the security of your information, our systems are protected against all kinds of threats, using the most up-to-date technology, both hardware and software. Security tests are periodically performed in our systems. We can make a single withdrawal transaction using credit cards of all banks from our site and at the same time can be made in installment payment transactions by using credit cards of the banks we deal with. In order to be able to shop on our system, your credit card must be open to shopping on the internet. You can open your credit card online by calling the customer service of the bank where your credit card belongs. TAX PAYMENT Credit cards can be offered to install credit cards for payment to banks that we deal with. Banks and installments offering installment options are offered on your payment page. Depending on the installments, the maturity difference amounts that the banks receive are displayed on the payment page by adding on the product price. Maturity difference rates may vary depending on the bank, and the banks may change from time to time at such rates. Depending on the agreements made with the banks for certain installment numbers, installments can be made in cash price and can be divided into payment installments without an additional commission.

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